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Comfortable bed and great service all the time
Christy Mack from Australia

The hotel is an excellent base for the Messe. Staff very helpful. Very good value for money and an internet service that really works!


One kilometer from Atrium CityHotel Frankfurt, conveniently located to the sights of Frankfort on the Main, there is a square and a building of baroque style – Hauptwache, built in 1730. Initially, it was planned as a strategic object, which included police and prison cells. But, since 1904, here has been opened a café, where citizens of the town and tourists appoint one another meetings.

Hauptwache is a building with a rich history, being a security post, it was destroyed and reconstructed. When underground line was constructed, Hauptwach was pulled down and rebuilt. However, the citizens of Frankfort on the Main were especially fond of the cafe.

A central area near the building was also reconstructed and altered. Nowadays, Hauptwache consists of an underground part, which has a name – “Hole” (ger. das Loch) owing to the natives, and ground one.

Both parts are adapted for pedestrians, and in the underground part there are shops, cafes, underground and transport stations.
Stayed at Atrium CityHotel Frankfurt, you can quickly get to any place of the town, including famous square and café of Hauptwache.