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Comfortable bed and great service all the time
Christy Mack from Australia

The hotel is an excellent base for the Messe. Staff very helpful. Very good value for money and an internet service that really works!


The Atrium City Hotel is located close to the historic center of Frankfurt on the Main – the most beautiful square – Römer.

A German Römer translates as “Roman”. Here is the original Town Hall with three facades, designed in the Gothic style, which is more than 600 years is a symbol of Frankfurt on the Main. The facades are decorated with statues of emperors, and in the center the famous statue of the Goddess of Justice is located.

Historically, the Town Hall Römer was used for secular purposes, and the burgomaster of the city is still sitting here. In the XIV century near the Town Hall, the administration bought two houses, which were later combined into one complex. As a result, the great Imperial Hall was arranged in the Town Hall, decorated in an appropriate style, as well as a room for the election of the emperor.

The Town Hall building was badly damaged during the Second World War, but later it was restored. Today, the Town Hall is one of the main buildings designed in the Gothic style.

The Atrium City Hotel in Frankfurt conveniently located near the square – Römer, and the hotel’s guests can easily reach the most famous Town Hall in the city.