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Comfortable bed and great service all the time
Christy Mack from Australia

The hotel is an excellent base for the Messe. Staff very helpful. Very good value for money and an internet service that really works!


Just a 2 kilometers from the Atrium City Hotel in Frankfurt is located one of the symbols of freedom and democracy – the Church of St. Paul.

First the Protestant Church of St. Paul was opened in 1789. In 1848 it was selected for the first session of the National Assembly of Germany, the agenda of which was the adoption of the Constitution of the united Germany. The constitution was not accepted, but the status of the symbol of freedom and democracy assigned for the church.

During the battles of the Second World War it was destroyed and rebuilt one of the first in Frankfurt, however, its appearance has changed due to lack of funds.

Today, despite the name, the church doesn’t hold services, but holds cultural events, political meetings and speeches. Even the president of the United States – John F. Kennedy had a speech here. Also in the building of the church award ceremonies by prestigious prize are held. In one of the halls opened a permanent exhibition “Paulskirche. The Symbol of democratic freedom”.  The basement is intended for often exhibitions, and the top floor for conferences or social events. The second name of the Church is “House for all Germans.”

St. Paul’s Church is located in the central part of the city, close to the Atrium City Hotel in Frankfurt, which is conveniently situated near the city’s main sights.